Frontend development has become my channel for harmonizing my creative energy toward one refined objective: curating experiences through digital products.

There's no better joy than being part of a team that leaves a meaningful imprint on the greater community.

I'm an artist thru & thru. Design thinking keeps me true! - Welcome ;)

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capradio | npr

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Rose, Bud, Thorns is a way to celebrate, look forward, and reflect.


Dance | Music

Ah, my first passions awakened. A minute hardly slips by without me "bustin' a move" or "hummin' a tune" (mentally counts too!).

I am totally enamored with movers and vocalists. They are my superheroes.

Engineer | Creative

I am a complete tinkerer. Iteration just comes naturally. I pride myself on being very thorough (ok I guess a "perfectionist").

I'm constantly inspired. Always bouncing between digital and physical projects. My list is ever-growing! Somehow, I even found my way into aquascaping.

Travel | Fantasy

I can't help but view the world through my own special lens. I embrace the unique subtleties of man-made and natural environments everywhere I go.

I want to say this comes from my admiration of fantasy worlds. I've racked up countless hours engaged in content with swords, greenery, magic, and whatnot.